Ciesse piumini

Created in the 1970s, Ciesse Piumini was a leading brand of the 80s and 90s and one which has come to symbolize the sociocultural trends and transformations of those decades: the birth of the paninaro scene, the emergence of TV series which have since attained cult status, the rise of Italo-disco, and the success of films like Vacanze di Natale which cast a humorously ironic gaze on Italian society.


Ciesse Piumini was a brand founded on the values of freedom, adventure, authenticity and quality - values which have always embodied its spirit, and were encapsulated by the brand's historic liger logotype. The liger is a unique animal which was born in 1975 from the crossing of a Bengal tiger and a Kenyan lion in a zoo in the French town of Thoiry. Half lion, half tiger, the liger perfectly symbolizes.


The dual nature of the collections of Ciesse Piumini: constant innovation in technology and quality in the activewear garments of its Sport Adventure range, and an emphasis on fashion and versatility in its Urban Adventure range.