Husky is an undisputed synonym for hunting jacket and can boast that it is one of the most copied in the world.
A padded but lightweight garment, as comfortable on horseback as it is on a putting green, the Husky has now become an indispensable element of the metropolitan style, combining the advantages of a raincoat and a wind jacket to create a model that is unbeatable in terms of functionality, lightness and warmth. The padding is made of just 80 grams of layered polyester, reinforced and compressed, and the whole is graced by the inimitable finishing touches, such as the chevron stitching at the neck and the velvet piping.
Steve Gulyas, a retired American aviator, and his wife Edna, created the Husky jacket in 1965. Specialists in clothing for the cold and especially for hunting and fishing, they produced the first models shortly after settling in Tostock (England). Why Husky? Because that was the breed of polar dog, that colonel Gulyas used to take with him on country walks.
The quilted nylon jacket became an immediate favorite of the British royals, who used it as sportswear, partly because of its wearability and strength. Perennial choice of Queen Elisabeth and all the royal family when out riding, the jacket with the hairline velvet collar is one of the hallmarks of the English Style.
In the Eighties, many celebrities from sport and show business convert to the Husky, which earns a privileged place in their wardrobes.
The brand updates its image and offering but without losing sight of its heritage. The traditional, typically British blues and deep greens are now joined by an infinity of new colours. New impetus also flows from the decision to diversify the offering with clothing solutions that created the Husky total look we know today, with the addition of the line Husky Boys & Girls.
Husky is produced and distributed by Saverio Moschillo, who carries forward its tradition with professionalism and skill to perpetuate the brand’s success worldwide.

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